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Request for Qualifications:
General Accounting/Bookkeeping Services



The Whitefish Fire Service Area, WFSA, is a local government entity established to provide fire protection for an unincorporated area outside of the City of Whitefish as set by the Flathead County Commissioners’ Resolution No. 745A and authorized by Montana State Law Title 7, Chapter 33, Part 24 - Fire Service Areas.  Currently, the WFSA contracts with the City of Whitefish for fire protection.  The Whitefish Fire Department operates out of Station 21 located within the City of Whitefish at 275 Flathead Avenue and Station 22 located in the WFSA at 1345 Hodgson Road.


The WFSA is soliciting proposals for general accounting and or bookkeeping service to help with our budget, tracking, financial forecasting, and presenting overviews for the WFSA Board.


The services provided by an accountant and or bookkeeper are considered professional services and the selection of an account for professional services is made at the discretion of the WFSA Board of Trustees. The WFSA Board of Trustees reserves the right to refuse and reject any or all qualifications and to wave any and all formalities or technicalities, or to accept the individual/firm who WFSA Board of Trustees, it their sole discretion, determine to be the best qualified to provide the services at a reasonable and acceptable expense. The WFSA Board of Trustees may determine to take no action and reserves the right to do so.  Qualifications submitted after the deadline date and time will not be accepted.


This RFQ is not a contract or a commitment of any kind. If this RFQ results in a contract offer by the WFSA Board of Trustees, the specific scope of work, associated fees, and other contractual matters will be determined during contract negotiations.


The WFSA Board of Trustees will not be responsible for the costs incurred by anyone in the submission to this RFQ.


Responses to this RFQ may be submitted via regular mail or email.


If responding by regular mail, please place the words General Accounting/Bookkeeping Services in the lower left corner of the envelope and address it to:

                     Whitefish Fire Service Area Board of Trustees

                     PO Box 1311

                     Whitefish, Montana 59937


If responding by email, please place the words General Accounting/Bookkeeping Services in the subject line and send to:



These RFQ responses will be opened during the regular monthly meetings of the WFSA Board of Trustees, which occur at 6:00pm on the third Tuesday of every month.


Deadline for submission is May 15, 2023.



When responding to this RFQ please include the information below and any supporting documents necessary to a complete response.

Firm’s Information

  • Firm name, address, phone number

  • Primary contact’s name and email address

  • Years firm has been in business

  • Description of firm’s philosophy

  • Firm’s focus and services routinely provided

Firm’s Capacity

  • Resumes of staff to be assigned to the project

Firm’s Experience

  • Three (3) references from past clients

Firm’s Fee Schedule

  • An hourly fee schedule

  • Anticipated expenses



The WFSA will select finalists considered most qualified to proceed with the proposed project using the following criteria and weighted scoring:

Related experience on recent, similar projects (provide contact info for 3):
The qualifications of professional personnel to be assigned to the project:
Demonstrated capability to meet time and project budget requirements on previous projects:
Present and projected workloads:
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